TIH: August 16

August 16th, 1896–> Gold Discovered

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On this August 16th in the last decade of the 1800s, one George Carmack was fishing on the Klondike river in the Yukon territory of Canada. Something happened to this man on that fateful day that would change his life and the lives of many others. Carmack spotted some gold nuggets in the bed of a creek that day, and the world collectively lost their minds. After gold had been sighted in nearby Alaska, Carmack decided to pack up his stuff and move from California in 1881. After he hit nothing in Alaska, he traveled further north, where he would literally strike gold!

August 16th, 1920–> Charles Bukowski is Born

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This guy. Some of you might not know about this master of poetry and prose, and if that’s the case so be it, I don’t judge. But you should check this man out because he is sharp, poignant, and he cuts right to the core of you and the world around you. Charles Bukowski was brought into the world on this day August 16th, 1920. He was a poet for the common man, the lowlife. Often writing about poverty, writing, alcohol, the repetitiveness of work and the American life, Bukowski is recognized as an extremely prolific and influential author. Author novels such as Post Office, Ham on Rye, and Pulp, and oh so much poetry, Bukowski didn’t care how he sounded or how long his titles were. Bukowski told it like it was, and for that we are all thankful.


August 16th, 1948–> Babe Ruth Dies

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I guess there is some controversy surrounding this guy now? it’s the classic argument of “oh, if this guy played in today’s game he would suck”. Well, he doesn’t play in today’s game so you can’t judge him based on the play style of today, it’s just as simple as that. That would be like shitting on a baker for baking before confectioners sugar was around, just ridiculous. Babe did not have the same access to steroids resources that the players today have. That’s not why I’m here though. The man died today, show him some respect. He died of cancer in New York City, and weirdly enough his body was actually put on display at entrance to the old Yankee Stadium, where fans could go pay their respects.


August 16th, 1977–> The King Left the Building

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Full disclosure I was never a huge Elvis guy (let the chirps begin, I’m ready for it) but you gotta respect your elders. Today is the day that Elvis Presley, the “King of Rock and Roll” died. Did any of you know that Elvis and Babe Ruth died on the same day before reading this? Yea me neither, apple a day or something like that right? Anyway, Elvis died at the ripe age of 42 at Graceland, his Memphis Tennessee mansion, which is still probably the biggest tourist attraction in Tennessee. He died of a heart attack, and he may or may not have died on the toilet? Idk, maybe do some research one time…





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