The Booze Street Journal: Leinenkugel Summer Shandy

So as this is probably the last edition of the journal for the summer, I thought it appropriate to talk about the summer shandy. This isn’t just any shandy though, it’s from Leinenkugel, the producer of the shandiest of shandy’s. The delicious and not so nutritious drink is something I consider the hallmark of a summer beverage.

An individual I know in their Leinenkugel bowling shirt. It wasn’t Halloween…

So as some background, a shandy is like an adult Arnold Palmer. If you don’t know what an Arny Palmy is, well there are some other things to consider while you read this. Either way, it is like a lemonade beer, which may sound gross but is most definitely the opposite of gross. A shandy has that lemon taste to it while not being too tart and still retaining the beer qualities like carbonation, alcohol, and being a grain and hops base.

Some people argue that all summer shandy’s are the same. This is not true. Just like anything in life, someone does it better or, in this case, someone brews it better. I’m not saying there are not other good shandy’s out there. Sam Adams and Narragansett also put out quality lemonade-beer. However, if you want the top dog, there is no other than Leinenkugel.

There is something about the way that Leinenkugel brews their shandy that you are transported to a beach or a mountain or wherever your happy place is. The notes of fruit within the pungent taste of lemonade is palpable but not overpowering. The summer shandy still retains that balance of beer to beach, the libation to lemon if you will.

It makes me sad that it is almost time for the hibernation of the summer shandy. I will miss that tasty taste until it once again reaches the summer months. ‘Till then, I shall, as always, hold Leinenkugel’s summer shandy in my heart.

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