TIH: August 17th

August 17th, 1877–> Billy the Kid Gets his First Victim

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When Billy the Kid was a wee teenager, Billy the Kid found work on a US military post by the San Pedro River in Arizona, Camp Grant. While working there, he rubbed blacksmith, Frank “Windy” Cahill the wrong way. Cahill ran his mouth Billy’s way just a little too much, calling the kid a “pimp” which was apparently an insult back then? Billy came back, Cahill was simply not about that, and tackled him to the ground. While underneath the blacksmith, Billy pulled his trusty revolver and put a couple holes in the bastard. Cahill would die the next day, becoming Bill’s first victim.


August 17th, 1969–> Woodstock Comes to an End

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So I gave the middle day of Woodstock it’s on write up, but I’m short on time so today’s Woodstock performances are going on this column. Besides, in my opinion yesterday was the day to see. Regardless, August 17th marks the day the monumental music festival and cultural came to a close after a legendary performance by Jimi Hendrix, including the rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” that we all know and love, as well as a rousing version of “Purple Haze” that followed up the Star Spangled Banner. Hey Max Yasgur, thanks pal!


August 17th, 1998–> Bill Clinton Testifies

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August 17th would mark the first time that a sitting United States President to testify before the Office of Independent Council. This came after a four-year investigation into Bill and Hillary’s reported involvement in multiple scandals like sexual harassment allegations on Bill, apparent “cronyism” surrounding the firing of White House personnel, and some illegal real-estate deals. During the course of the testimony, information about Bill’s affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky came to light, and while Bill denied it many people already painted a picture of Bill. While many people believed he had relations with Lewinsky, a poll after Bill was acquitted showed that many also didn’t think that his actions were worthy of impeachment. Is Bill one of the luckiest guys ever? Maybe…


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