Tuesday Top 5: Scariest Places on Earth


5. Akodessewa Fetish Market


Voodoo is bloody terrifying. Human control, torture, and sacrifice, yeah I’m all set with that. The fact that even today it is so widely believed across the world that it is basically a major religion is horrifying. But you know what is even more scary? A open market place in Togo for all the tools, relics, and animal heads you need to practice the dark arts. Yeah, no thanks.

4. Overtoun Bridge


Located northwest of Glasgow lies a simple and pretty bridge. It crosses a rocky river and connects the two sides of the crevice. Seems nice enough, until you realize that there have been dozens of unexplained, random suicides at this bridge. Now thats a little odd, but makes sense, a tall enough bridge would attract suicidal people. But thats not what is scary. They were not human suicides, they were dogs. Dogs kill themselves everytime they cross the bridge. What the shit…. Not only that, but dogs who have survived have been known to go back and jump off of it again. WHAT????

3. Nagoro, Japan


I am just going on record right now, if I have a daughter she is never getting a doll bigger than a barbie, they scare the shit out of me. So imagine my shock and fear when I find out that there is an entire town in Japan with a life-sized doll population that outnumbers the human population 100:1. Yeah I am never going there.

2. Bell Witch Cave


I know, I know, hauntings can’t be that scary because they are all but guaranteed to be fake. But The Bell Witch Cave is the only haunting to ever actually be investigated by a state government, who allegedly concluded it was a super natural event. Ummm what? Is that real? Why yes, yes it is. To make things scarier, the first evidence was from a letter written in the 1800s that was hidden in between the pages of a bible. Kate Bates began haunting the Bell family after getting screwed on a deal, and haunted the family and the cave ever since. Between the locals genuinely telling people not to take anything from the cave for fear of curses, and cameras mysteriously failing to work near the entrance, I am terrified of this place.

Jacob’s Well


This isn’t a ghost story, or a mystical suicidal bridge or anything magical. It is nature at its scariest. Located in Texas, it is a random hole in a pond that is over 100 ft. deep. Now, what is so scary about it? Well we have no idea where it goes. While divers have explored it, we still do not know anything about where it leads. The mysterious hole has killed 8 divers, including one diver who went further than the rest and had to take off his oxygen tank to keep going. Unsurprisingly, he did not survive. The idea of a giant pit leading to God knows where that kills those who explore it is one hell of a scary place.

Billy the Adult

5. Loch Ness

Statistically, it is the only freshwater lake with a dinosaur in it, in my book that makes it pretty damn scary.  Along with the dinosaur, it is also the lakefront that Aleister Crowley put his house on, where he practiced his famed magic and wrote poetry.

4. Your Grandparent’s Basement

If you’re like me, your grandparents probably live/lived in an oldish house where the basement is basically a dungeon without the chains and prisoners and instead it’s filled with bowling trophies and old homework assignments from your parent’s childhood.  Concrete interior, maybe an old work bench that hasn’t been used since the 80’s, and one small window in the corner that barely lets in any light.

3. Florida

Cocaine, hurricanes, and old people.  Not to mention it’s a peninsula, very scary.

2. Catacombs of Paris

Construction began in 1738 after people in Paris decided that there were too many cemeteries and it really cramped the style of the new trend of city expansion.  So people started transferring underground remains of over 6 million dead bodies contained in the surrounding cemeteries over a course of 12 years, and made the skeletons into shrines.  The shrines are placed around 200 miles of an underground tunnel system.

1. Snake Island

Apparently it is forbidden to land on the island, and the Brazilian military actively enforces this policy.  Snake Island is 93 miles off the coast of Brazil where it is estimated that there are between 1 in 5 snakes per square meter on the island.  No thanks.


5. Raqqa

I know things haven’t been going great for ISIS lately, but they for sure still have enough control over their capital to do some terrible stuff, especially given their penchant for slaves. As the Islamic State comes crashing down, getting caught in that crossfire would be scary AF.

4. Outskirts of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India

Reza Aslan caught some serious heat for featuring some crazy nomadic cannibal tribesmen on his CNN show about world religions. These guys run around basically naked, literally eating people and throwing around feces. One wrong move and the next thing you know your skull is a soup dish = very scary, not to mention the fact that this is in the Indian jungle and comes with all the typical scariness you would expect there.

3. The Bayous of Louisiana

I must admit that my opinion on this is heavily colored by season 1 of True Detective, and you never know how much of that Cajun voodoo stuff might actually be real. Even without it, it’s a giant swamp whose only population is gators and swamp folk.

2. Northern Alaska

24-hour darkness. Cabin fever. Wolves. Bears. For God’s sake, it’s the year 2017 and it’s still impressive to just go up there and survive. Anything can get you up there.

1. Pyongyang, North Korea

This is a no-brainer in my opinion. Kim Jong Un is the most volatile man on Earth, and he’s in charge of the only true totalitarian state on Earth. Everywhere you go you’re being watched, and everyone you talk to is looking to report you to the secret police for treason and get you thrown in a death camp. Constant paranoia is p scary if you ask me.

Bearcub K’s Top 5

5. Mariana Trench

4. N. Korea-S.Korea Demilitarized Zone

3. Fenway Park

2. Peak of the Peak of Mount Everest

1. NYC Subway tunnels

Mr. Man:

5. Anywhere your parents were mad at you when you were a child

When your mom was mad at you and you were still young enough to fear authority, there was nothing more terrifying. You instantly knew you messed up and were simply waiting to see what fresh hell was in store.

4. Your girlfriend’s house

You don’t know what lays behind that door, nor what kind of people you are meeting. Could be the dad with a shotgun or some weird family dynamics, you don’t know. It is a strenuous task, especially when it is the first time and especially when your still at the age where your girlfriend lives at her parents’ house.

3. The deep sea in a submarine

If something happens, it’s over. Period. If the submarine goes down, you can’t swim back up and you’ll be crushed by the sheer pressure. There is just no saving you at this point. So you better hope nothing happens in a deeply submerged submarine.

2. The Catacombs of Paris

They are cool and I get that, but the people that go in there and explore it are nuts. You are in these old, old tunnels walking around for potentially miles. If the tunnel collapses, your light source fails, or you get lost, it is game over. Obscure reference, As Above, So Below, the scary movie about the catacombs of Paris.

1. Syria

With a civil war developing into a fight against ISIS, the destruction of property, life, and dignity is unsurmountable. Added with this also being practically a proxy war of the West vs. East, the whole situation is not good for anyone, least of all the people trapped there. The sheer loss of civilians in this campaign is immeasurable and I cannot imagine living it.

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