The Booze Street Journal: 5 Drinks From TV Shows I Want To Try

So unfortunately for yours truly, I was unable to drink this week for sportsball reasons. Having spent my past few days daydreaming about booze, an idea came to mind. Are there drinks out there that I want to try? Yes, of course. Am I actually able to try all those drinks? Nope. A few that made it onto my list are either made up drinks or plain old unsafe. Here’s five made up beverages that I’d try and will most likely try one day.

5. Duff Beer – The Simpsons

Just a staple beer that is seen literally everywhere in the show. I imagine it to be like a Miller or a PBR, something that is not that great but still tasty and super convenient. I’d like to try it sometime just to see what it is all about. As an aside, according to the crossover episode with Family Guy, Duff Beer and Patriot Beer are the same.

4. Snake Juice – Parks and Rec

Not really sure what goes into this drink, but it looks like a roller coaster of a great time. By that, I mean it gets you absolutely obliterated. And it gets you all rilled up apparently, which is right up my alley. Getting drunk…oh yeah.

3. Benderbraü – Futurama

Being the beer of the future, Benderbraü seems like a a delicious brew. Something akin to a homebrew, this allegedly tasty ale must be quite a treat, especially how it is brewed INSIDE A ROBOT. The novelty factor of this drink alone is up there.

2. Green Russians – Archer

So from what I can tell, this particular beverage is similar to a White Russian except it substitutes coffee liquor with absinthe instead. Sounds a bit gross I won’t deny it, but I would still try it out to see what it is all about. Is it good? Is it icky? I certainly don’t know but I will find out, along with all the others from Archer.

Honorable mentions:

Fight Milk from Alway Sunny in Philadelphia is something that would definitely make you sick, but is still intriguing. Nancy Drew/Hardy Boy from 30 Rock consists of white rum with diet ginger ale and a splash of lime. That doesn’t sound half bad at all.

1. Riot Punch – Sunny

Big fan of riots in general so this was a no-brainer. That and out of all these drinks, this is the first drink I’d make and try. I just might try it next week, who knows. That and this is also one of the most recognizable drinks on a list of well known made up drinks.

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