Music Monday’s: Back on the Train

Folks, you made it through the brunt of what I’m just assuming was a brutal Monday. So for that, we here at basementbanter would like to reward you. So without delaying any further, I present to you the latest and possibly greatest edition of Music Monday’s.


Just Some Wholesome Music to Help You Through the Week

Enter Shakey Graves. Real name Alejandro Rose-Garcia. Garcia is a one man band that has been playing music since 2007, and has gained quite a notable following since around 2011. With styles of blues, rock and roll, folk, and americana, Shakey Graves truly gives us some tasty spoons. Out of Austin, TX and burning his way across the states, this guy is no joke. `


If there’s only one album from him that you listen to make it this one, and if there’s only one song you listen to make it literal any one of this album. Please. This is just great, passionate folk/americana music, and the kind of stuff you can really rock to on your trusty front porch.


Well, it’s getting to be that time again. I’m just gonna sit here, keep sippin, and let this wonderful music speak for itself. Have a phenomenal week everybody!


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