TIH: August 30th

August 30th, 1918–> Lenin Shot

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On this day Russian leader Vladimir Lenin was shot twice by a member of the Social Revolutionary party member Fanya Kaplan. Lenin survived the scare, but the attempt set off a wave of counter attacks by Lenin’s Bolsheviks against the Social Revolutionary party and various other opponents. Many thousands of people were executed in Russia as a result of this and the country would soon experience a civil war as part of the greater events of World War One.


August 30th, 1963–> Moscow–DC Hotline Established

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Just a couple short months after signing the agreement to institute a 24 hour direct communication line between Moscow and Washington D.C., the line becomes a reality. In June of the same year, the two enemies decided on this direct diplomatic hot line, about a year removed from the infamous Cuban Missile Crisis. ON this day they finally tried it out! American teletype machines had been placed in the Kremlin in order to receive messages from the capitol; Despite what many people believed, the American end was actually set in the pentagon, not the white house.


August 30th, 1967–> Marshall Appointed Supreme Court Justice

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A great day indeed! On this day Thurgood Marshall was appointed a justice on the Supreme Court, making him the first African American to serve as a judge in the United States’ highest court. Marshall graduated magna cum laude from Howard University Law School in 1933. Fun fact he would go on to sue Howard University over their admissions policy which he claimed was unfair. He would go on to win that case. After law school he set up his own practice in Maryland. He soon started working with the Baltimore NAACP. He began to gain some public attention over the coming years, winning 29 of the 32 cases that he had in the Supreme Court. Much of Marshall’s focus was on doing away with the “separate but equal” established in Plessy v. Ferguson. Perhaps Marshall’s claim to fame was his victory in the case “Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka” in which he again argued against the idea of “separate but equal” urging that this cannot be applied in a functioning society, especially in our nations school system. So for everything and more, Mr. Marshall, we thank you.


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