Thank You, Walter Becker.

RIP Walter Becker

If you haven’t heard well I’ll be the first to tell you. It is with a very heavy heart that I relay to you the news of the death of Walter Becker, founding member and lead guitarist of one of the tastiest bands to exist, Steely Dan, has died today. At the age of 67, Becker met his partner in crime, Donald Fagen, at New York’s Bard College in 1968. Since then they have been swinging through the nation and having a time while they are doing it. Fun fact alert Steely Dan takes their name from a dildo in the classic William S. Burroughs novel Naked Lunch.


Becker’s website announced his death earlier this morning. The legendary musician missed a couple Steely Dan’s concerts in July recovering from an unknown medical issue. The cause of death is still unknown and his previous illness has not been specified.


Steely Dan, powered by Walter Becker and Fagen, burned through the US in the 70s, and the two frontmen from Bard were the driving forces behind their popularity.


I Might Have to Start Getting Wayne Style Tear Tattoos

Seriously. No other band even came close to the sonic heights that Steely Dan and Walter Becker reached. They always played so tight, and it would show in both their studio efforts and live performances. There are some bands that do not sacrifice proficiency on stage for a great studio sound, and boy does Steely Dan fit into that upper echelon of musicians. Doing away with the normal trappings and excesses that came with rock bands during that time, Steely Dan was a bit different. They harnessed a more refined, melodic, and jazzy sound to them, while still punching through just as hard as anyway else.


Key tracks from this show are Night by Night, Bodhisattva, Daddy Don’t Live In That New York City No More, Deacon Blues, and Kid Charlemagne.

So today I tip my cap and say goodbye to one of the greatest musicians to ever put their sweet sounds in my ears. He worked harder, ripped more, and sounded better than a lot of people that came before him, and many that will come after him. For all of your hard work and gorgeous sound, I would like to thank you, Walter Becker. RIP in peace.


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