TIH: September 8th

September 8th, 1664–> Happy Birthday New York!

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Well well well. On this day all those fateful years ago, Dutch Governor Peter Stuyvesant surrendered the capital of New Amsterdam to the British. New Netherland was established by the Dutch via the Dutch West India Company in 1624. It was one of the most successful colonies, growing to encompass the entirety of modern day NYC, along with pieces of Connecticut, Long Island, and New Jersey. A prosperous settlement within New Netherlands started on the southern tip of Manhattan Island and was named New Amsterdam. Shouts out to people taking what they want!


September 8th, 1941–> Siege of Leningrad Kicks Off

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On this day during the Second World War, the Germans began their famous Siege of Leningrad. Leningrad, better known as Saint Petersburg, was a major industrial center for the USSR, and was also it’s second largest city. The Siege lasted for 872 days and hundreds of thousands of citizens were evacuated from the city as German forces marched toward Russia. The Germans cut off highways and railroads leading into the city, and the daily ration for a citizen of St. Petersburg was brought down to 125 grams of bread, and the people were forced to work in replacement warehouses making the arms for the German soldiers, the ones who had burned their warehouses. In 1944, USSR forces marched toward St. Petersburg, forcing German forces to retreat. They moved south from the city on January 27.

September 8th, 1971–> Tricky Dick is Off the Hook

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In a move that everyone loved and embraced, sitting president Gerald R. Ford pardoned former president Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon after something called a “Watergate”? Nixon was pardoned for any and all crimes that he may have committed during his tenure as POTUS. The Watergate scandal was sensationalized after it came to light that Nixon and top aides had not only been involved and responsible for illegal activity, but that they also tried to cover that activity up (@10 missing minutes of tape, let me see you). While the nation was angry at Richard for being dishonest (a politician? no…), he gave in to the public pressure and became the first US president to resign in office. Shouts out to getting away with things!


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