The Booze Street Journal: Stiegl Goldbräu

So after a bit of a hiatus, and also a bit of a bender, I bear some new booze news. In the local liquor store, I found some tasty treats sitting on the shelf. Now I’m not going to say that this is a Tasty Take (@Tasty Spoon), but it was a delectable decision. I’m talking about Stiegl Goldbräu all the way from Salzburg, Austria.

So Stiegl is an old brewery on the outskirts of Salzburg that has a few different brews. However, they are probably best known for, in my head, their Goldbräu. It is something of a pilsner, which means nothing more than its mellow a far cry from an IPA or something similarly hoppy. However, the Goldbräu is a bit weeter thn most. What I am trying to get at is that it’s a sipping beer, not a beer you should use to play drinking games. I did once and regretted it instantly.

I could go on about how much I enjoy me some Stiegl, but you readers out there need to try it for yourself to really get it. Personally, I am not much of a fan of sweet beers, but the day I turn down a Goldbräu is the day I turn in my license to booze. Having sung it’s praises, I do have to say it is probably the most expensive ticket item I have covered. I mean it is imported from Austria so I suppose it’s to be expected. So go out there and enjoy Goldbräu!

As an aside, people in Austria don’t actually wear lederhosen, it’s a myth. Just need to put that out there.

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