Finally: A Look at Action Bronson’s Newest Effort

Alright folks, I do apologize, it’s been a hectic few weeks but you know what? Here we are now, so let’s make up for lost time shall we? And lucky for all of us that is going to be very easy with all of the tasty music that has come out and is set to come out in the coming weeks.


How Much Excitement is Too Much?

For those of you out of the loop (me the last few weeks)-Yup, you did read that correctly. One name I forgot to mention is Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, whose album Pizazz comes out on October 20. Lil Dicky and Brains’ project came out yesterday, we have Mike Gordon’s new album OGOGO was released today, and The Heavy Pets newest piece of work out since an EP in 2014 later this fall. But, I need to focus on one great thing at a time today. Today’s great thing happens to be a man named Action Bronson. Action Bronson, for those unfamiliar, is an MC/chef from Queens, NY. While his rapping career was still just a hobby he was a respected gourmet flame chef in the city before concentrating on music. He released his first project, an album called Dr. Lecter. A year later he would release the album Blue Chips. Blue Chips 2 was release the next year, followed by Mr. Wonderful, and after focusing on his television career (Fuck That’s Delicious and Ancient Aliens with Action Bronson) he has graced us with Blue Chips 7000.

The first thing I noticed about this new effort is how much different it sounds. Even though projects before Blue Chips 7000, Bronson was characterized by a kind of laid back chilled out flow that still bangs with the best of em. He still keeps this with him, but to me he seems even more chilled out, evident with beats and flows like that on 9-24-7000, La Luna, Hot Pepper, and others that will most definitely be mentioned.


Now the album came out on August 25th, but before you start questioning why this is so late please remember that I am but a human, and time was fleeting when the album initially released. But I still wanted to give a take on it, so here it is, however late.


Nitty Gritty Time

Action Bronson is unique because of the humor that he approaches his music with. I know that fact in general doesn’t necessarily make him unique, many have blended together comedy and music/hip hop. But Action Bronson is basically Eric Andre’s nonsensical and bizarre humor meets Ghostface Killah’s flow and sound.


If you haven’t already, please go check out his shows because they really are hilariously entertaining in the most zany way possible.


Action has maybe the best flow in hip hop today. While so effortless he also isn’t slacking on his rhymes, intricate and intense while still maintaining a playful aspect, and always keeping you laughing and guessing.


Just tragedy and hardship
Another loser on the corner doing card tricks (Ah)
I’m on the plane to Russia with a hard dick and a tank top from Target
Why this blunt taste like Starburst?
And why your girl cheating on you with a player from the San Diego Chargers?

TANKA (feat. Big Body Bes)

TANKA is also a wonderful example of Action just absolutely bodying on a laid back beat, with that wah funk guitar at the end? What more could a funk fan like me ask for?


Install the turbo on the Cherokee for certain
It’s like my life directed by Tim Burton
And daddy twisted off the henara
And I’m always on the center stage
Reminisce on better days in a hammock, reading Hemingway
Trying to get a better brain, then it rained
Let it rain (yeah, yeah, yeah)

Let It Rain

Sneaky my favorite song of the album, this beat is just so intricate and interesting, I honestly don’t think many other rappers could go so well over a beat like this. It’s a funk/soul type beat, but has more tempo to it than a traditional sample in my opinion, and Action’s rhyming flexibility/ability to adapt is on full display in this song.


What I love about Action is his seeming will to keep putting out music that he wants to listen to, not that he thinks everyone else wants to listen to. You really get the sense that he is making this music for himself, and I think that is when you yield the best results.


Flow/Vibe: I mentioned it probably more than once, the dude’s flow is unreal. Laid back on hard beats, while still maintaining a level of hardness for the chill beats–> A+


Rhymes: Laid back with a sense of urgency, funny but still taking himself serious, smooth yet perfectly choppy where it works, Action shines again on “7000”–>A


Production: Some of the skits were too weird even for me, but I do love the effort of trying to get somewhere way far out there–>A-


Features: honestly? leave out Rick Ross and this grade gets better, but also don’t listen to me Action, you keep doing you. Also, who is this Mayhem Lauren character? Need more of him and Jah Tiger–>B+


Overall this album was one of my favorite front to back hip hop albums I’ve listened to since “I Don’t Liken Shit, I Don’t Go Outside”, and for that this effort deserves an A-. Thank you Mr. Bronson!


Thanks everyone, be sure to check out the other new release takes yet to come!!


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