Music Monday’s: Hip Hop-pin’ Through the Week!

Folks, we find ourselves here on yet another Monday (who let that happen?), but before you start groaning uncontrollably over the fact that most of what you do is for other people take a minute to remember that music exists and is probably the universe’ most efficient distraction device. With that in mind, let me help pull you away you from the tortures of your Monday! I’m gonna switch it up from weeks past and sauce some true Hip Hop your way this week. Enjoy!

This Monday Features: The Knux.

We’ll call it Hip Hop with a modern twist.


Say hello to The Knux everyone. Consisting of brothers Alvin “Joey” Lindsey and Kentrell “Krispy” Lindsey, the New Orleans dynamic duo have three full studio albums and two EP’s released, but are more noteworthy for their live performances and stage energy. After being forced to relocate at the hands of Hurricane Katrina, the two moved to LA and began getting down to brass tax.


In 2007 the two opened for none other than Common on his “Finding Forever” album support tour. This tour was when the two would gain a lot of their initial recognition.


They released their first single, “Cappuccino” the next year, and a few months later their debut album “Remind Me in Three Days was out. After this album anfd some extensive touring that saw them be invited to most major festivals in the US, they followed up with Eraser in 2011, sort of creating a new sound for themselves, hiring a producer who had worked with artists such as Lady Gaga and the Police. 


2015 saw their most recent release, a full length studio album titled “11”, which can be found on spotify as this post is already riddle with embedded videos (for your enjoyment, I might add)

Thanks everyone, have a great week!


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