What’s Going on in Dicky’s Brain Right Now?

Wasn’t Expecting or Awaiting it, but Happy to Get It

So about a week ago Lil Dicky put out a new 7 track project under his alter ego(?) Brain, which kinda went down exactly how you might have expected it to. But enough chit chat, let’s dive in shall we?


Right off the bat we start with “On Smash”, which begins with some classic Brain bravado. It’s a fresh take on the same old thing in Hip Hop of getting money, etc. etc. etc. The beat is pretty solid, with some nice eery keys during the chorus’ and the second verse, in which Dicky swear’s he’s gonna nail Julia Roberts.

“Brain don’t really give a damn at all (aw nah)
Lookin’ at your bitch like damn, he wrong (him?)
Lookin’ at your dick like damn, you soft
Lookin’ at Lebron James brain like what’s happenin”

–On Smash


The album has it’s less than stellar moments, and the first one is the second track “Cocaine”. I don’t care much for the beat but the premise is pretty funny, a brain rapping about being on MDMA. Again, you can’t take this album too seriously.


“Whippin’ it Up” is pretty damn hard. A beat that just bounces, Brain certainly has been whippin’ it up, and these are the moments when I am glad that he thought it up. The best back and forth between Brain and Dicky on the album, the connection between Dicky and his own brain is strong as ever here. And the sexual health PSA at the beginning of Lil Dicky’s verse is always welcome.


Take A Breath.

“Y’all wanna know why I stopped eatin’ pussy? (Tell ’em)
‘Cause I looked up the facts
If 85% of us have oral herpes who am I to say that I don’t?
And if I get oral herpes on the pussy and we fuck
Then I’m fucked
Fuck you want Brain do?
He know all the facts, what the fuck you want Brain do?
Middle of the pack, all you rappers is gum
Going in with the trash, I be chewin’ ’em up”

Whippin’ It Up


Maybe my favorite track on the album comes at the end in “How Can You Sleep”. A banger in the most classical sense of the word (@Vivaldi), Brain gets Lil Dicky and The Game to help him out, where they exchange lines

“OG’s knew I had it poppin’
IG lookin’ Photoshopish (it’s lit, it’s real)
They just can’t take charge so they floppin’
New shit looking like it’s knocking”

–How Can U Sleep

Right off the bat Dicky comes in with the heat, after being called a comedian and a goofball, not a rapper mentioned in the same breath as these OG’s that he’s talking about, Burd is here to remind you that the two are not mutually exclusive. He does a wonderful job of it too, I might add. He continues this theme throughout the song (one of the more coherent ones on the project) and asks rappers who he perceives are be slacking how they sleep at night knowing this.


Image result for are you flexing again gif

Yes, yes he is.


Oh Dave…

After releasing the album, Dicky had this to say…

I never really took the album too seriously, and that made the whole thing more enjoyable. Yes Brains voice gets a little annoying, but it’s an entire album of a grown man just chatting with his brain. Take it for what it’s worth, that’s pretty fucking funny. It’s also pretty short and sweet, however “meh” some tracks are, at least how I see it. And now…

Production–> C+

I’ll be honest Dicky’s beats have never really done it for me minus pillow talking. Just not a HUGE fan of the poppy club sound, what draws me to Dicky is his creativity, uniqueness, and sense of humor.

Rhymes–> A-

Love it. Brain, Dicky, G.A.M.E., everyone shows up somewhere or another on this EP

Flow–> B+

Taking into account my feelings for the types of beats Dicky is known to enjoy, he pulls me back in with how smoothly he delivers across them in this tape.

This is an album during which you have to remember that Dave Burd the comedian is alive and well living alongside Lil Dicky (and Brain). I think the album speaks more to the creativity and willingness to take risks than the actual music, which I realize sounds a little contradictory when talking about an album. However, you gotta admit that Dicky is doing something different that could change things. His Pillow Talking video was fire and in my opinion was pretty groundbreaking (I’ve never seen that much or high quality CGI in a music video) and he follows it up by releasing this collab project with his brain. You can not like him but Dave Burd’s creativity is an extremely refreshing thing in today’s rap climate.


Overall–> B


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