Reese’s Has Me on an Emotional Roller Coaster Right Now

Reese’s, no…

From Global News (Canada):

Jacki Hilliard’s daughter Alydia loves Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. That is, until, she says, she found a metal blade inside one.

The 18-year old bought the candy at a Peterborough Dollarama store on Tuesday and after one bite, found the blade stuck in her braces. 

“At first, she thought her braces were falling off, or there was something wrong, then she spit it out and realized it was a razor blade,” said Hilliard.

Hilliard said her daughter was going to offer the first piece of candy to her little brother but he as asleep when she returned.  She said that with him not having braces on his teeth to stop it, he could have swallowed the blade.

Hilliard has contacted Hershey’s, the makers of Reeses’ Peanut Butter Cups, and was offered a gift card and more product. She said she would like to see the company do more to protect other potential victims.

“Should they be recalled or checked out or something,” said Hilliard.

Okay so anyone who knows me knows that I am a fervent supporter of pretty much anything that Reese’s will do. Enormous fan of this company. Now I’m not saying that this recent story is changing my mind about Reese’s because let’s be honest, for every delicious PB cup sold with a razor blade in it there are 49871538589 being sold without them, and those ones are fucking delicious.


I don’t know, call me crazy but I like my confections company’s to not have histories with sharp objects in their products. Maybe I’m old fashioned, maybe I’m not a thrill seeker, whatever you want to call it.


I also don’t wear braces so I won’t be nearly as lucky as this girl was. If any one has claimed that braces don’t save lives you are clearly on the wrong side of history, just ask Alydia Hilliard.


Talk About Ups and Downs

This news is tugging at my sweet tooth’s heartstrings, mainly because some months ago Reese’s finally smartened up and delivered us the masterpiece…

Image result for reese's peanut butter cups with reese's pieces inside

Yes, you’re seeing that correctly. You bet your fine ass you are.


This isn’t really news, they made the announcement early this past May and they hit stores shortly after. My point in bringing this up is Reese’s is really sending me through some non-metaphorical peaks and valleys. They are real folks, trust me.


Add in the fact that about 10 days ago a news article claiming that Reese’s PB cups were going to be off all shelves by October 2017 and Reese’s is just all over the place. Of course that story just talked about was fake news and Reese’s makes such white hot fire that they’ll probably still set a sales record this year because they make your taste buds feel like that period of time ranging from finishing to spooning with a woman that’s out of your league, but still. I don’t appreciate being toyed with (@women out of my league).


One month you’re bringing to the market possibly the greatest confectionery concoction the world has ever experienced, and the next your staple product comes a set of braces away from killing an 18 year old girl.


And what a painful death that would have been. Aside from the whole razor blade down your throat thing, killed by a Reese’s? I mean I know they say that dying while doing what you love is never a bad death, but what about when something you love is pretty much directly responsible for your death? (@cigarettes)


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