Some Thoughts After Las Vegas

This is rather overdue, but I’m a man with other deadlines and for that I profusely apologize.

My good friend Jack had a great write up that actually resembled a story, this is kind of a crap shoot, but here we go.


Almost a week removed from the events in Las Vegas, and it still seems very surreal.

Promise I Won’t Take Up To Much of Your Time.

I know this will sound bad, but please don’t stop reading immediately after this sentence: At a certain point, how am I expected to care about another mass shooting?


Okay, what I mean by this is that at a certain point I am not gonna walk around with a candle in the air and say prayers after a tragedy when that tragedy came about as a result of a problem that could have been solved already (What’s good @Australia?).


Clearly the people in charge have more of an interest in their wallet than the health and safety of their constituents so if they have their line of thinking why is mine bad?


***Side note, enormous condolences to the concert goers murdered and their families, I would not wish this on my enemies so to see it happen to a bunch of unarmed music lovers is just deflating for any human.***


But honestly? If congress was paying attention to the lives being lost and not the dollars being gained, than we wouldn’t have to mourn the dead, we wouldn’t have to send thoughts and prayers to their families, we could live our lives knowing we don’t need to be on edge while going to fucking concert.


But that’s not my point.


The Last Place Something Like This Should Happen

I love seeing live music. I’m not saying this is going to stop me from attending said events, but yesterday sure as hell made me think. I have two separate NYE concerts on my radar, both in major population hubs (one in NYC and one in Boston). So while I’m driving/riding the train in, will yesterdays events be running through my head? You bet, and that fucking sucks.


And that is my main point. When we react to these situations with fear these evil people have won. I realized it might make going to a concert or large gathering just a tad harder, and obviously I am speaking in extremes but clearly we are at an extreme point in our history, so here goes.


We can’t let these types of behaviors affect what we do. If you like to see concerts, please go see concerts and enjoy yourself. The minute you let these types of events effect how you act or behave or congregate than these evil people have accomplished a goal.


I know this seems a little trivial to talk about at a time when the gun control and mental health debates should be front and center, but music is supposed to be a unifier, and to see acts of terrorism (that’s what it was) happen more and more often at live shows is truly dishearten for me. In killing these people at these places, these assholes are directly taking advantage of people’s love and appreciation of art, and that is maybe the most evil aspect of all of this for me.


Eagles of Death Metal, then Ariana Grande, and now Jason Aldean. Then you add in all the other killings that happened at socially/culturally important places like the Stade de France during a France/Germany friendly, the shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, and the appalling events at Sandy Hook are all examples of evil people targeting happy places in order to get their message across.


Don’t Let them Scare You Away from Culture.

But we can’t let them get away with scaring us away from our favorite forms of pleasure, art, or entertainment. Because these are things that bring people together, and the targeting of them is truly disgusting.


Now I’m not going to start a gun control rant, but I did come across a few tweets the other day that caught my eye, so I thought I’d share them here.

We can’t let events like Las Vegas take away what we like enjoying in our world, whether that be going to a sporting event, concert, movie theater, or nightclub. They want us to change.


So remember: laugh, have fun, go do what you want to do. Don’t let people like this change the way you do things.


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