Give Your Fridays More Funk with Sly and the Family Stone

***Weekly Disclaimer***

This column will funk you up.

We Want Everyone to Awaken the Funk that Lies Within

Looks like it’s that time of week again, come and relieve your pre-weekend stress with a little bit of funk on this fine Friday!


I’ve had Sly and his beautiful Family Stone bookmarked for this funkalicious column since it’s inception; but I told myself “what’s a person if they don’t have patience?” Well, I think I’ve exercised enough damn patience on this one; so by George I’m gonna give you people some live Sly.


One of my favorite Sly tunes, I just love this little jam before they break into the good stuff. If you don’t like this, I’m not really sure what to tell you. I simply don’t know what you want, so maybe go find another weekly music column? Like Music Monday’s perhaps?


Please excuse me, shooter’s gonna shoot.


Have a fantastic weekend everyone!!


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