Gropers Exposed: Matt Lauer

Okay so the past few weeks the big story line around Hollywood is that men are bastards. Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Louis C.K., Charlie Rose, and even Ben Affleck are getting accusations tossed their way. Not to mention the groping that’s been brought to light in politics. Early this morning another high profile name was added to the list, and for some weird reason this one hits a little bit closer to home.

“I Never Would Have Guessed” 

If you didn’t want to read the article, Matt Lauer, of NBC and Today Show fame, has been fired after several accusations of sexual harassment have been placed on him. Stories of him giving a female employee a dildo and telling him that he wanted to use it on her, him playing fuck marry kill with fellow employees, and more have all come out.


It’s one thing when a person who looks like a creep is accused of being a creep. It’s just easier to accuse a person if they look like a person who would commit that act. But it’s another thing when the person accused looks like a solid person. I mean, Weinstein looked like a creep, Louis C.K. just looks unpleasant and sad (and also creepy), and Rose has a bit of an odd look to him. But Matt Lauer? Good looking, seemingly nice family man? That’s much more difficult to swallow.


I’m not the kind of person to turn on a morning show (minus First Take), but my mother has always been an enormous Today Show girl. When I was a youngin that was just the show that was on TV when I was getting ready for school and she was working. Like clockwork, 7AM it was always on, no question.

And Matt was a nice presence on that show, not gonna lie. He has a history as a pretty good interviewer, and Where in the World is Matt Lauer was not only a great segment, but easily had the best theme song considering the fact that the words were just the title of the segment.


I’m not here to say Matt Lauer is some generational icon that shaped the minds of many people, because no. But it’s just interesting to think about a man who was welcomed into the homes of millions of Americans being accused of lewd acts.



Now I’m not defending Lauer here, I want to make that ABUNDANTLY clear, because in a statement made after his firing he admitted there was some truth to the stories. Having said that, apparently accusations alone are enough for some people these days? I realize that naming sources in this type of investigation is not doable out of respect for whoever was brave enough to come forward, but does that mean we take someone at their word when they say “several people have come forward”? Just instantly, no questions asked? Sometimes it seems that way to me. People just want to be outraged, and need something to point that anger at, and if they get wind of something(anything) than the hooks dig in, so watch out. Again, not saying that Matt should be back at his morning desk, but part of me (PART OF ME) feels like “According to multiple accounts”, and “independently corroborated” might not always be enough to sell me. Now, Lauer’s apology/admittance WAS enough, and I believe he did it. But IF Lauer WERE to deny it it’s just another instance of he said she said, in which case everyone picks sides that reinforce the belief they had before anyway.


Also big, serious kudos to the women who came up, because that does take some serious courage, especially when the person committing these acts is so popular and in a position of power. Now, this is grim I know, but this is just the beginning. Another reason why these women deserve kudos– they’re courage will inspire others, as has been the story for the past few weeks. So, get ready to have more of your entertainment industry favorites to be exposed for sexual harassment people! 2017 is closing out with a bang, that’s for damn sure!


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