Russia Catches IOC’s Boot

So today marked the culmination of approximately 17 months of work by the “Schmid Commission”. What is the Schmid Commission and what does it do, you ask? Thanks for asking! Let’s dive in!!


The Schmid Commission, headed by former Swiss President Samuel Schmid (what a name), was a commission created by the International Olympic Committee to investigate the allegations of the “Systematic manipulation of the anti-doping system in Russia”. In other words, the Russian are notorious Olympic cheaters and they finally got caught doing what apparently everyone knew they were doing (there’s a wiki on this topic). 


Sure, the fact that the Russians cheated in Sochi 2014 isn’t exactly “news”, but the decision and subsequent punishment is, and I’m a sucker for watching Putin be excluded.


Part of the decision handed down by the IOC was that Russia as a country cannot compete in PyeongChang 2018; and their government officials cannot attend. Also worth noting that the Minister of Sport and his deputy are banned from all future Olympics. Russian athletes found to be clean under a very specific set of rules, guidelines, and tests are allowed to compete in their sport; but they will be competing under the Olympic flag and any medals won will not be attributed to Russia.


This is a classic case of Russia flexing but then getting caught taking steroids so the flexing isn’t real anyway. And then years later the male athletes involved all grow tits and the females transition into manhood.


Really Makes You Think

Something interesting to note is the fact that Russia has conveniently been banned from the 2018 Winter Olympics that are conveniently located directly south of the country who’s closest thing to an ally is, conveniently, themselves, and who have been prepping for war/doomsday now for some time. Now, anyone who knows me knows I get a kick out of conspiracy theories. This is one that I am 100% behind, ride or die.


There are also some competing theories and stories out there that the U.S. might not travel to the games. Hhhmm, I wonder why…


Per CNN the UN ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said Wednesday night that it was an ‘open question’ as to whether or not US athletes would travel to the games. Then we got this the next day:

Such a textbook press secretary response you almost can’t be mad at it. We have Russia getting conveniently removed from the 2018 games in South Korea. This causing some questions to of course be asked; the answer the press secretary can be summarized as “insert superfluous and vaguely confusing statement that won’t answer the question but instead just elongate the time period in which it is being asked here.”


For now this is all we have; I’ll keep my eyes on this story and keep you fine folks posted with more juicy updates about #operationprotectPutin. Stay frosty everyone.



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