Movies and Shows I Wish Would get Made

Through the years, I have seen movies that begged for a sequel, read books (barely) that need to be put on the screen, or have studied amazing historical events and people that need their story told. Some of these will sadly never get made, but for others there is still hope. So here are my 5 movies or shows that need to get made:

Big Trouble Little China 2

John Carpenter and Kurt Russell are a formidable team, making some truly excellent films (Escape From New York, and one of my personal favorites The Thing). One of their greatest productions was the kung fu, b-movie masterclass of camp and one liners, Big Trouble in Little China. The movie is full of memorable characters, amazingly cheesy dialogue and over the top fight choreography. It is a blast to watch, and Kurt Russell’s Jack Burton steals the show with his sure fire cockiness and false bravado. I cannot say enough how much fun this movie is.

Why do I want a sequel? The end of the film is a massive cliff hanger, and since Jack Burton is a truck driver, there is an endless supply of stories you could have with him driving all over the country. He could run into other cultures and their mystical underworlds. Or he could go to other city’s chinatowns and encounter more of the same. Either way, there are so many ways the sequel could go, and I am begging to see more of Jack Burton.

It is not impossible for this to happen, but it is unlikely. Kurt Russell is having a quiet career resurgence with roles in Tarantino films, Marvel movies, and the Fast and the Furious franchise and would probably be open to another Big Trouble movie, but John Carpenter is about to turn 70 and has not done much work in the last decade. It is unlikely this combo will return for a sequel, much to my dismay.

Master and Commander 2

The original is one of my top 25 favorite movies ever, and the ending is begging for a sequel. Russel Crowe’s Jack Aubrey (lots of Russell’s and Jack’s so far…) is one of the most badasses ever put to screen. He is intelligent, tough, and an excellent leader. All his men respect him and would follow him to the end of the world, which they literally do. Paul Bettany also shines as Maturin the ships surgeon and Aubrey’s best friend. The action is top notch, the tension is high, the cinematography is beautiful, and the music is epic. If you haven’t seen it yet, you definitely should.

Why do I want a sequel? For starters, there are 20 books in the series! There are so many stories the sequel could explore. The movie does not even touch on Maturin being a spy, and barely shows off Aubrey’s prowess as a seaman. The movie also ends in a massive cliffhanger with the Aubrey figuring out he was tricked, and turning around to face off against his French advisory again.

This is also unlikely to happen though. While the movie was loved by the critics and was nominated for Best Picture, it barely made its budget back so the studio would not want to finance another one. Russell Crowe is also far from Jack Aubrey shape, and Paul Bettany is busy with Marvel. Sadly this is a long shot.

Percy Jackson Series: Animated Show

I really love these books, and the movies just did not do them justice. We already know that young preteen adventures work (Harry Potter). Now I am not sure if a live action movie would work, so I have another solution. An animated show would be the perfect medium to bring these books to life. Think like an Avatar the Last Air Bender vibe. The show could start with the original books, and then go into the spin off books with the Romans. I want this so badly. I love Greek and Roman mythology so this would be an absolute dream come true. An animated show would make it more believable for the young protagonists to be fighting these incredible monsters, and would allow for larger set pieces than the movies. All I want in my life is to see all sorts of monsters sieging Manhattan.

Is it going to happen? Its possible, but I have not heard of anything being remotely close to production, so it is unlikely. The books are still very popular so it could be made some day. A man can dream.

Greek Mythology Movie Universe

As just stated, I love myths, lore, and legends, and there is no mythological universe that is as large or fascinating as the Greeks’. Just imagine it, a bunch of solo movies like the 12 labors of Hercules, Atalanta, Perseus, The origin of the gods, etc. There are so many stories to tell, filled with violence, romance, and betrayal. They could culminate in a team up movie for Jason and the Argonauts. It could be one of the largest and most epic movies ever made. Think of a combination of new massive blockbusters like Star Wars, and old Hollywood epics like Ben-Hur.

Will this happen? There is almost no chance this could happen sadly. Greek Myths are under public domain so no one studio could hold the rights to all the stories. So if one studio started this process and the movies were a big hit, there would be nothing stopping another studio from making another version of Hercules, or Jason and the Argonauts.

The White Death

This guy might be the most badass guy to ever live, Simo Häyhä was a Finish legend. In the Winter War (1939-40) fought between Russia and Finland, one man decided he was going to make a massive difference. He served during a battle where it was between -40 and -4 degrees Fahrenheit, and he would bury himself in snow and pick off Russians at an insane rate., killing more than 500 Russians! He singlehandedly changed the course of the war for the Finish, becoming a propaganda piece, a legend, and a horror story.

I can easily see this being a patriotic story about David and Goliath, stories that American audiences eat up. But will it get made? It is an amazing story about survival, war, and you could easily put in family values by adding back story to Simo, so yes I could see it being made. But it is about a little known war that is buried in history by World War 2 occurring right after and it is a small country. SO maybe, hopefully, we will get to see this incredible story about an incredible man on the big screen.

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